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Intercoms Integrated Solutions specializes in all areas related to investment analysis. We deliver credible analysis and develops comprehensive cost and benefit estimates that are vital to making effective program management decisions.

Intercoms Integrated Solutions have provided investment analysis for SMEs, government and non-goverment acquisitions investments. With our help, clients become poised to make sound investment decisions that optimize their return on investment.

Our investment analysis services include:

  • Cost-benefit analysis (CBA)
  • Economic analysis
  • Life cycle cost and benefits estimation and analysis
  • Operations research
  • Cost research
  • Method and model development
  • Business case development, analysis, and evaluation
  • Risk/uncertainty analysis
  • Software estimation
  • Function point analysis
  • Alternatives analysis
  • Our solutions are not limited to certain investment types and can cover exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, separate accounts, variable insurance trusts, and subaccounts. All of our investment consulting services deliver the in-depth, third-party perspective needed to help meet the challenges people face today.